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Kirb Kin Toad #1

Moving on to the second story in Captain America #7, Death Loads the Bases we see a dynamic Kirby drawn and inked splash panel above. The composition again displays Kirby’s signature knack for moving the eye around the panel in the direction that he wishes it to travel. We first see the skeletal umpire on the upper left gesturing towards the sliding figure on the right, whose diagonal position points to the black figure pitching the ball. The pitch brings us to Captain America, whose position brings our eye to the lower left sliding figure and then to the smaller inset second panel.

Kirb Kin Toad #3

Page two, which I do not feature, is a fairly unremarkable layout done either by Joe Simon or Al Avison and finished by Avison perhaps with inker Sid Shores. Page three above probably has the same hands involved.  We are at a baseball game, so there is an opportunity for some dynamic figure work, but it is not primo stuff. We are not getting much Kirby for our money folks. Skipping to page five below, we see a bit of classic Kirby in the layouts and some of the Captain America poses. The nicest bit is the juxtaposition between the action in panels four and five.

Kirb Kin Toad #5

Panel seven, featuring Bucky tackling the Toad is also a nice piece of action.  Kirby uses the back shot with extended leg twice on this page. Yet, even these are not tight Kirby drawings and they are finished by Avison competently, but not with any great display of skill. As usual, one wishes that there was a good deal more Kirby.
Page six below has a weaker layout,  and probably not much is done here by Kirby. Panels one through five have some his fluidity of movement in the figures, but they are not finished well , and the remainder of the page is considerably weaker.

Kirb Kin Toad #6


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