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Kirb Kin Skull #10


Page nine which I will skip looks like it could be a Joe Simon layout with Avison pencils and inks.  Page ten above seems to have more Kirby in it, with panel one having a strong sense of forced perspective featuring Cap and Bucky crashing through the door. Panel two uses a composition that Greg Theakston dubbed the big O, which is the circular use of figures or objects that bring the eye around the canvas and in this case to the focus on Cap and Bucky.

Panel six has the dynamic jolt of Cap’s right cross to the Skull’s head, with the hero’s back and legs in a pose that could only be initiated by the King. Cap’s figure in panel eight also looks to me like a KIrby drawing. Much of the finished pencils and inking again appear to be Avison’s.


Kirb Kin Skull #11


The first panel of page eleven above is another fantastic Kirby composition, with fighting and flying figures weaving wonderfully across the expanse.There is a cool example of the orange suited figure flying out of the panel and into your lap.

The remainder of the page looks to be JK’s layout, or loose drawing again finished and inked by Avison. Panel three is the only one that looks really clumsily executed and may have been finished from a really loose Kirby sketch, or even drawn by someone else.

Page twelve again looks like something that Kirby had little or anything to do with.  Even the Captain America figures lack his panache, but it looks to me like Avison is involved somewhere.


Kirb Kin Skull #13

Page thirteen above is a trifle better, but panel two is the only one that has much life in its conception. Neither the drawing or the inking look much like the work of Al Avison either. The story doesn’t end with much of a bang, but with a whimper. Movin’ on


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