Captain America #7 Red Skull part 2 by Norris Burroughs   Leave a comment

Kirb Kin Skull #6


Page six of Captain America #7  above carries on with fairly tight Kirby layouts in at least the first three panels, although the corpse in panel one is a bit dodgy. It appears as if Kirby focuses most of his attention on the main characters with tighter drawings and leaves the lesser cast to subordinates. Panel three’s composition with the Skull about to cut a deadly weight loose is a nice use of space, but the Cap and Bucky figures in panel five could have been better rendered. The Skull on the catwalk in panel seven is also strongly composed, but panel eight is sketchy again, so we continue with the typical uneven treatment this series has become known for. Again, it looks like Avison is doing most of the finishes and he or someone else, Simon perhaps is doing some of the layouts. Still, to me the composition of the page mostly says Kirby, with its use of gestures and objects to direct the eye.


Kirb Kin Skull #7


There is a bit more action on page seven above and the poses look Kirby-esque. The transition from the first panel where Cap and Bucky are airborne to the second where the Skull/stagehand is running have that definite sense of animator continuity that Kirby was famous for. Also particularly nice is the roundhouse shield bash in panel five. There are definite Avison finishes here, as seen in details such as Cap’s kneecaps in panels four and five. The last three panels deteriorate artistically, and it almost seems as if Kirby is starting the page with a layout or drawing of the first few panels with some key figures  and leaving the remainder for inbetweeners.


Kirb Kin Skull #8


From this point forward, the story in general grows weaker with what appears to be less and less involvement by the King and more of what is probably Al Avison or someone else. Page #8 above begins with some promise, the first panel featuring an OK shot of the two heroes swinging away and the gloating Skull congratulating himself while unmasking. Panels three and four are strong, but the art in the last four panels is a tad sloppy. The drawing of the Red Skull in panel seven is quite abominable and doesn’t look like Kirby went anywhere near it.

We’ll finish up with this story in the next segment.


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