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Page nine above is dynamically one of the strongest in the story, and can easily be identified at its root as a strong Kirby construction. Panel one is a wonderful arrangement of figures and a good early example of the big O, as the various limbs and elements of the bodies bring the eye around and around. Then too, we have the movement in the first panel direct the eye to panel two, three and four which eventually leads the eye to the angled figure on the rack in panel five. Kirby repeats a portion of the angled rack shape in panel six, bringing the eye down to panel seven.

Sadly, Kirby’s drawings were  not tight enough to prevent the inkers, probably Shores and Avison from weakening the final art considerably. This is the major complaint that I have with the first two stories of this issue, and indeed with the art in the ten issue series in general.



Page ten above is also initiated by a Kirby layout, and there is a fairly clear indication that most of the finishing is by Shores, based on certain inking tendencies perceived here, most notably the hay-like shading in panel three. The step-tiered final panel is especially well constructed. Skipping page eleven, we see more or less the same thing on page twelve below, with Shores and perhaps another hand finishing loose Kirby art.



Again, it is somewhat unfortunate that this story did not receive fuller treatment from Kirby’s hand. I include the final page for the sake of closure. As we can see, there is more hay-hatched inking in the final panel.

I’d like to make a point to contrast this story with the one that follows, which was one of the high points in the run of ten issues.




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