Captain America #5 Ringmaster part 3, by Norris Burroughs   Leave a comment


Page ten above has Kirby again exploring various approaches to dynamic anatomy. In panel one, he gives us a nice arrangement of figures, with a solid three-quarter back shot of the strong man as Cap and Bucky approach. In panel two, Cap dispatches the villain,  with the page’s composition displaying another fairly well drawn muscular back. The poses are strong, but one can see that the finishes again by Avison and Shores are not the best drawn. The same can be said for the remainder of the page, with the lines of Cap punch flipping the strongman in panel three compromised by some weak rendering. Does the appearance of crosshatched shadows here mean the presence of Inker George Klein?



Page eleven above is composed strangely, and doesn’t quite come together,  but it reverts to a stronger, surer ink line again, and the anatomy of the poses look more like Kirby. Therefore, I deduce that he may be doing some inking as well as drawing here, or perhaps there is someone else with a sleeker hand. Pay particular attention to the line work in the panels with Cap and Bucky on trapeze. They are tiny masterpieces. The last two panels look the most Kirby-esque to me.



We finish the story with a page that looks like loose Kirby finished by Avison and Shores. There is nothing spectacular here, just some good solid work. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning the panel full of sound effects. It’s a nice touch.



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