Captain America #4 Conclusion by Norris Burroughs   Leave a comment

Not having much incentive to do much work on the remainder of Captain America #4, I’m pretty much just going to focus on a few choice pages, before moving on to issue #5. First off, we have the full page from the Ivan the Terrible story, which I believe is inked quickly but lovingly by Kirby. There is a profusion of delicate brushwork in this panel that you probably do not see here because of the poor reproduction.

Looking at the new soft cover Masterworks edition, it is abundantly clear how much detail is missing from the version that I scanned, and my heart is just not in using much more of the hardcover edition’s art to identify artists and inkers.

The next sample that I am displaying below is page eight from the story called The Fake Money Fiends, which looks to me like a very nice example of Avison inked by Shores. Nearly everything on this page, from the poses, to the faces screams Avison’s drawing style. I would draw particular attention to panel five, in which Steve Rogers shoves a fellow into a pickle barrel. In the following panel, the face of the green-coated counterfeiter is classic Avison as well.


Next, we have a splash panel below inked partially by Kirby from the Horror Hospital story, but if you look at the hatching in the sky, you will see a pretty good indication of the presence of another inker, which is probably George Klein.


Finally, I bid farewell to this issue with a wonderful simian Kirby creature on page eleven of the same story. This is the blueprint for a number of monsters that Kirby and his imitators will adapt over the following decades. It is a wonderfully constructed page that leads the eye just to where the artist wishes it to go.



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