Captain America #3 Hunchback three by Norris Burroughs   1 comment

Page ten and eleven are art-wise the weakest of the story. They are still Kirby layouts as far as I can tell, but are so loose that they just barely get over. Still, there is the formidable catapult in the panoramic sixth panel, as well as a very nice lead-in shot of the Hunchback’s hand hedging in the guard lighting a cigarette in panel one. Still, I will skip these pages because they seem to contain very little Kirby or art of any high quality.


On page twelve, we see another panoramic shot, this time of the castle, but the lower panels are quickies, showing that inker that I am identifying as Roussos by default.

Page thirteen is a trifle better, with a fairly nice shot of Captain America’s figure in profile, but I will omit it and cut to the chase, the final climactic fight between Cap and the villain.


Page fourteen looks again like Bernie Klein inks over Kirby layouts, but panel seven is interesting in that it looks a bit like it could be an homage to comic artist Lou Fine. Compare that panel to the fourth in the sequence of the Ray page below.

Both Simon and Kirby were known to have been admirers of Fine’s way with anatomy as well as his panel shapes and tendency to violate the borders with his figure’s limbs and such.


Page fifteen looks like Kirby layouts with Klein inks and perhaps a bit of the heavier hand of Roussos inking the backgrounds. It’s possible that Roussos inks most of the page, because of the weight of the ink line.



Page sixteen seems to have been drawn a bit more crisply by Kirby, and possibly inked by a completely different hand. The poses are dynamic and the page has a good sequential flow. Kirby seems to be on point and enjoying the parry, thrust, move/counter move aspect of the fencing sequence here



The final page, seventeen is almost certainly inked at least partially by Al Avison, who has rendered only one other page in this story, but will make a strong showing in issue four. His look is apparent in Cap’s full standing figure on the left, that violates three panel borders. Bucky and the derby hatted detective are also probably his work.







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  1. Norris, the hatch seen in the top right hand corner of page 15, panels 1 and 6 is a signature hatch of “George” Klein, so we may be able to possibly add him into the background mix here.

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