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The pace picks up on page five with a staged tournament. The white horse on the left of the long panel five looks fairly Kirby-esque, and Steve Rogers’ dismount in panel seven is nice, but it is inked quickly without much finesse. Still, it is sure enough to carry the narrative.



Page six pumps up the action even more with Cap and Bucky first leaping toward the viewer and a nice perspective shot of an archer in panel two aiming diagonally at panel three. These panels again strike me as strong Kirby page compositions, but much of the drawing is somewhat desultory.

In panel four, Cap’s knee indicates panel five. There is a splendid correlation between the hunchback in panel six preparing to throw a spear and Cap and the pierced figure in panel seven, but Bucky’s figure is quite weak. Again, the inking is nothing to cheer about, but it does the trick, being just bold enough to cut it.



As this process continues, I’m more inclined to see most of this inking and possibly the finished drawing as the work of Bernie Klein, as I compare it to the “Whirlwind” sample. I will post that page again, as I see pages six and seven bear some passing resemblance to it. There is something  in the structure of faces, particularly in nose that leads me to concluding that Klein is the inker.



The next page has a really sweet spiral staircase sequence, and has a great Errol Flynn Robin Hood quality to it, and Cap’s right cross in panel three is vintage Kirby anatomical tour de force with its dynamic extended right leg. The stairway collapse is a bit of a disappointment though. I see this again as predominantly Bernie Klein with Roussos backgrounds



I’ll skip page eight because of the poor reproduction as well as its relative weakness. Suffice it to say that it’s not a bad page, with a pretty cool introduction of a Boris Karloff lookalike named, “Goris Barloff.” We see him again in better light on page nine, with a solidly inked profile in panel three and a fantastic fifth panel that starts with a punch that rocket propels a fleeing Barloff to the exit.


To be Continued


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