Captain America #3 Red Skull part four   Leave a comment

On page fourteen, we have a very dramatic hanging, as promised in the splash panel of this story. It is for the most part a beautifully composed page, drawn and inked powerfully and mostly by Kirby. Panel three actually looks to me like it could have been inked by Reed Crandall, which is possible, as he works on a story later this issue. There is some delicate pen or brush-work in the hanging figure’s legs and in the particularly nice grinning fang-toothed Red Skull. All the figures are beautifully composed in the final panel, although Cap and Bucky are a bit squashed on the right.



At any rate, panels one and five look like Kirby inks to me. Again, I must remark about the bizarreness of the inconsistency of the drawing and inking on these pages. It is just so strange to note that Kirby never drew and inked a complete Captain America story, and yet he did so on other features such as Hurricane.



Page fifteen above is somewhat nicely drawn or roughed out by Kirby, but  inked clumsily. Is this Al Gabrielle’s work? Panel three is a nice composition, but one wishes it were finished better. I must admit that I’m losing interest here. Sadly, this page and the next few are poorly reproduced as well as inked.

Page sixteen below among others has also obviously been re-rendered to some degree and the reconstruction is somewhat inaccurate to the original. The page is probably loose Kirby art possibly inked by Gabriel. I just wish that I had scans for this project so that I could see the actual unaltered line work.


I do not wish to show the reproduction of the last page. It’s not a great page and combined with a poor printing job, it’s not worth studying as far as my level of interest is concerned. I’m going to move on the  next story in the next post, which is one of my favorite Golden Age Kirby stories.


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