Captain America #3 The Return of The Red Skull 1-4   Leave a comment

So now, we finally reach the eagerly awaited Captain America #3. This is when the book begins to hit its stride to a certain degree. Still, the series continues to suffer from hodge-podge inking, but this of course is what makes this exploration so compelling to me.

Page one is a beauty, with a nicely drawn Kirby splash, predominantly inked by him.  The folds in the Skull’s clothing are particularly nice, as well as the detail in the texture of the stone wall and floor flags and iron chain.The Skull’s shadow on the floor is also pure Kirby.

There is something in the shadow of Cap’s nose that suggests Avison to me. but it is probably too soon for an appearance from him.

This is a wonderful circular composition, with the viewer’s eye literally entering the panel along with Cap and Bucky, moving to the figure of the Red Skull and up the hanging Cap and Bucky’s figures and back around again. The archway also assists the circular movement of the reader’s eye. As with all examples of Kirby lavishing his attention on the splash page and giving short shrift to the remainder of the story, the contrast is jarring.

Page two above seems to be Kirby rough pencils, which I would guess are inked by George Roussos. Greg Theakston claims that Roussos makes his first appearance as an inker in the second story of this issue, but if I compare selected samples, much of the embellishment on this page also looks to be by him as well. There is something in the profiles of the two officers in panel six that look like faces in the later Hunchback of Hollywood story.  At any rate, there doesn’t seem to be any Simon or Kirby inking on page two.

Page three below looks like very loose but dynamic Kirby pencils finished by Joe Simon.

The back shots of the striking major in panel three and the same figure in the next sequence as he falls is beautifully done. These are classic Kirby figure arrangements that juxtapose the counter-moves of each combatant.

Note the color separation imposed by the colorist, awkwardly breaking up the single panel into segments. the bottom half of the page is considerably weaker in comparison to the top.

Page four below is also quite nice, although considerably looser. the Cap and Bucky figures in panel two are not strong, possibly because they are Joe Simon’s pencil work.

The fight scenes that begin in panel four are much better. Cap’s head over toss in panel five is quite nice Kirby pencils, as are the following panels of Bucky’s kicking sequence. Inks look like Simon, which can be easily contrasted to what appears to be Roussos. We will see more of what I believe to be his inking on the next page in the next post.



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