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The third story in Captain America #2, The Wax Statue That Struck Death is  the strongest in the issue, in terms of the consistency of its artwork. This is predominantly because the inking is so strong. The splash is almost certainly drawn and inked by Kirby. His brushwork is most evident in areas of Cap’s figure like the black spotting in his chest and shoulders and the shadows in his legs. You can also see the sureness and clarity of his brush on the mask in the upright corner.



The second and third panels  appear to be the work of Reed Crandall, and this is where I really see the Eisner influence, as this two panel sequence looks like a fragment from a Spirit story. The folds in the sculptor’s coat and gloves, and the ear on the wax bust most strongly give that impression to me.

The second page changes up again, because although it is probably drawn by Kirby, it is inked powerfully if not particularly well by someone else.  It looks a bit like early George Roussos to me, but that’s just an impression I get.  Only panel six looks like a Kirby ink job to me.



Page three below looks like loose Kirby pencils, possibly inked by Joe Simon, except for the two bottom panels which look like Kirby lovingly inking his own intricate machinery. The tanks are beautifully and elegantly constructed and positioned all in a row.



The following page continues the odyssey into the fantastic world of Kirby Sci-fi  technology. It is probably inked by Simon and Kirby together. There’s a nice propulsive feeling in that large third panel. The orthogonal parallel metal beams above give a great deal of perspective force to the seated figures behind the equipment as they see to their grim tasks. Very strong black spotting in that panel as well, giving it a solid foundation.




The story continues.




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